Mundo Tequila

Handcrafted experience. An ode to Mexican culture.

Mundo Tequila is a confident new take on a classic, combining tradition with invention to reimagine the age-old spirit with a contemporary twist.

Crafted in the finest, purest quality using some of the most refined production processes to preserve the heritage of the delicious drops, Mundo lacks in neither taste nor authenticity.

Mundo Tequila

Great tequila starts with great agave. Mundo is made from hand-harvested blue agave, sourced from the highland and lowland regions of Jalisco, Mexico, for a crisp yet rounded taste with herbaceous notes.

The sophisticated tipple opens the world to the spirit of tequila and the door to a forgotten culture.

Mundo elevates any experience with its perfect balance of contrasts. It is a fighter and a lover, whether mixed margaritas or sipped straight.

It is versatile and refined — without trying too hard. It is traditional yet visionary, confident in its complexity while transformative in its taste.

Mundo is a handcrafted experience that makes it more than simply a spirit. Mundo is a new icon of adventure.