Ultra-Premium Spirits

World’s first luxury multi category spirits brand, with products in both the ultra-premium vodka and super premium whisky categories.

D’YAVOL taps into authenticity and craft when it comes to its stunning liquids, but breaks convention when it comes to packaging and brand personality. It is the innovative convergence of authenticity and cool. D’YAVOL has significant celebrity backing, power and influence.

Shah Ruk Khan (SRK) and his eldest son Aryan Khan are behind this idea.


A luxury Vodka from Poland that comes in a stunning Black Matte bottle in 700ml

100% winter wheat, using a grain to glass single estate production method, providing a spirit that is mellow, well-rounded, and velvety smooth.

Unique black pearl filtration process to achieve unparalleled smoothness and a touch of lingering sweetness on the tongue

Incredibly pure base spirit - the most refined grain neutral spirit that can be produced.

D’YAVOL Inception Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

100% malted barley, Inception is a carefully crafted medley of 8 highly distinctive single malts, originating from the Speyside, Highland, Lowland, and Island regions, each steeped in their terroir and traditions.

Our whisky elevates the profiles of the individual component malts, resulting in a uniquely rich nose and palate.

Is matured for a minimum of 4 years in first fill tawny port and rare Madeira Sherry casks. These then masterfully combine with punchy peated single malts, coming into perfect equilibrium with the infusion of harmonising fruity and floral malts. The result is a whisky with an extraordinarily bold character that unfolds its layers with every sip.

Ultimate balance of smokiness and sweetness in a single dram.