Piña Colada El Chiringuito

Ready to drink cocktails from Spain

Better product preservation. Preserves cold. Lower environmental impact. Easy to carry.

Piña Colada El Chiringuito is a refreshing drink with an intense and delicate aroma where the notes of pineapple and coconut stand out perfectly. Flavoured drink based on white wine, sugar and pineapple and coconut aromas.

Piña Colada El Chiringuito comes in a 1.5 litre pouch. This packaging preserves it from light and keeps it in perfect condition for up to 8 weeks after its first consumption. In addition, it helps to preserve the cold once it is taken out of the refrigerator as it has an aluminium wall inside to preserve its correct serving temperature.

Perfect to enjoy it at any time, with your friends, family, or any celebration.

Piña Colada El Chiringuito

ELABORATION: White wine, sugar and aromas of pineapple and coconut.

ASPECT: Tropical aroma of pineapple and coconut with the dressing of the wine that gives us an idyllic combination.

FLAVOUR: Sweet notes of pineapple and coconut combine to give a typically festive and elegant expression of freshness and sweetness.

TANNIN: It is light hearted and refreshing. It expands easily thanks to the sweetness provided by the pineapple and coconut. It enjoys an extreme sensitivity between the alcoholic strength and its fresh strcuture.

ADEQUATE FOR: Piña Colada pairs very well with appetizers and snacks. Also with mini sandwiches, as well as with fresh salads and warm summer atmospheres that make the moment a continuous party.