Malt Riot Whisky

Stand up for the good stuff

Inspired by the malt riots, first in Glasgow then across Scotland, Malt Riot is a delicious blend of single malt scotch whiskies from across Scotland, with Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Scotch Whisky at its heart.

Malt Riot Blended Whisky

A light and smooth whisky with notes of sweet vanilla, toffee apples and dried spice with a long, warming finish.

Mix over ice with ginger ale or use Malt Riot as the central ingredient in a refreshing whisky sour.

NOSE: Freshly planed oak leading to sweet vanilla slices and hints of floral hyacinth

PALATE: Toffee apples opening up to dry spices and caramelised pineapple

FINISH: Light and smooth with ripples of milk chocolate fruit and nut

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